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Jack O'Lantern: Trick or Treat... with the devil. Soon the day when they are out to get you will be here again: especially in the US Halloween...

Let's game!

To Hell With Lovelieness And Cute Girls: American McGee's Grimm. Interactive fairy tales with a mud factor: What happens when a most powerful...

Horror Classics

Famous Monsters of Filmland - A New Topseller For The Average 1950s Kid. A magazine just for monsters? Nowadays this hardly comes as a surpris...

Views on graphic novels

Review: „Un printemps à Tchernobyl“ by Emmanuel Lepage. April 26, 1986 was meant to be another normal Saturday - for most people in the world....


Like most of our readers we grew up with comic books and the abundance of this beautiful form of publication has never ceased to startle us. So this section features some of the books we find highly recommendable.

Pop Culture

Pop culture is essential in modern society. To acknowledge its importance, we feature any topic that will turn a boring every-day existence into a great adventure in this section - from films to fiction, from animes to designer toys.


As a rule, comic book artists are mostly a neglected species - overshadowed by their heroes. This department gives illustrators and writers a platform and presents international newcomers next to great comic book icons.

Fun and action...

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