A Living Legend in Anime And Animated Japanes Film: Hayao Miyazaki

Hayao Miyazaki is one of the few living legends of anime. Born on January 5, 1941 this Japanese film director and co-founder of Tokyo-based Studio Ghibli is looking back on a career that has spanned five decades. Miyazaki, who also worked as producer, screenwriter, animator, author, and m...

bilderundworte - The Magazine - Japan

Our e-magazine for Japan nerds - bilderundworte magazine issue #0, revised in 2016:

From Up on Poppy Hill - Returning to Japan's Early 60s

Yokohama, 1963 - Umi and her siblings are living in a small hotel run by her familiy and located on top of a hill. Her mother is a doctor and frequently out on work-related travel. Her father, once a sailor, died during the Korean war. In front of her house and in plain view of the harbour...

Mecca for Fans of Japanese Culture: Preview on AnimagiC 2014

By early August, Beethovenhalle Bonn will become a mecca for dedicated fans of Japanese culture, once again. AnimagiC 2014 opens its gates for the 16th time, expecting 15,000 visitors from all over Germany and Europe. Like in the previous years, the convention features animes, mangas, game...

Out Now: Evangelion 3.33 You Can (Not) Redo

German fans have been waiting for quite some time for this dubbed version of Evangelion - You can (Not) Redo. They finally got lucky: Universum Anime has released a DVD and Blue-Ray edition of Hideaki Anno's sci-fi remake last week, December 13, 2013. In this part of the epic storyline...

Review: Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin)

Shingeki no Kyojin – Attack on Titan started screening in Japan this April and if you are looking for a really fascinating anime shonen newcomer, you might well discover it here – or at least be in for a big surprise. Hajime Isayama developed his first episode of the manga Att...

Review: Evangelion 3.0 You Can (not) Redo

In 1995 Hideaki Anno and Studio Gainax aired their Sci-Fi TV series Neon Genesis Evangelion (Shin Seiki Evangerion, in short NGE or EVA). It received huge recognition on an international scale which probably surprised noone more than director Hideaki Anno himself: „It is strange that Ev...

AnimagiC Bonn Open Now

Gute Stimmung herrschte trotz schwüler Luft und die zahlreichen und sehr "bunten" Besucher nahmen am ersten Tag der AnimagiC 2013 die Länge der Schlange vor dem Eingang der Beethovenhalle extrem gelassen hin. Während viele noch dort standen und auf Einlass warteten, ging es im „Studio...

Mech-Psyche Anime: Evangelion 3.0

Director Hideaki Anno finished the third of his four-part rebuild of Evangelion series in 2012 as a remake of his original animated series Neon Genesis Evangelion. Produced and distributed by Hideaki Anno's Studio Khara the film debuted in Japan November 17, 2012. It turned out a great box...

Animagic 2013 – 15 Years of Manga Festival

This weekend AnimagiC Bonn will open it's doors for the fifteenth time and invite manga fans to delve into the vast world of anime, manga, and games. A number of Japanese guests of honour are about to show up next to German manga-kas. The Animotion Filmfestival will offer screeenings almos...

Manga Jutsu Power and Crazy Ninja Moves: Naruto Shippuden

Young Ninja Naruto Uzumaki has a dream: he wants to become Hokage – the most powerful Ninja of his village. Starting August 1997 Kishimoto published a one shot in Akamaru Jump and layed the ground stone for his highly popular manga series. In Japan Naruto Shippuden has been published since...

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