The troubles ob being a nobody - Nobodies Vol. 2

Victor Ochoa is an artist from Brooklyn, New York. He graduated from Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art in New York City where he learned valuable things – like how to fight the zombie invasion and perform miracles. After several tries to get into the comic industry he dec...

Alan Moore: neopagan, occultist, author of comic books

Alan Oswald Moore (born November 18, 1953) has entered the valhalla of comic books as the creator of "Watchmen", "V for Vendetta", and "From Hell". He often is referred to as one of the best - if not THE best comic book author of all times. His dedication to the rights of comic book artits...

A noble cause: Creator owned Image Comics

If you can't change the world, change yourself! A number of comic book star artists were quite unhappy with the way publishers had been doing business up until the early 90s. Especially Marvel Comics was known for their anti-creator-pro-Marval strategies. To change them seemed impossible a...

Superman, Superman. Who owns you?

George Lucas is an envied man. Creating the "Star Wars" Universe turned him into one of Hollywood's richest and most famous directors. After the first part of his space saga hat turned out a great success, he did something crazy: he declined an offer for better payment on the follow ups an...

Paco Roca: Spanish comic books

Spanish comic artist Paco Roca (Francisco José Martínez Roca) is rather unknown outside Spain. Born 1969 in Valencia he studied art and began his carreer working in advertisement. His first comic strips were published in the Spanish magazines "Kiss Comix" and "El Víbora". Roca belongs to a...

All about love: Pon and Zi

American artist Jeff Thomas started drawing Pon and Zi in 2004 while still in Highschool. When he fell in love his comic book characters went through a visible change: they got names colours and personality. Yellow Pon is an optimist, blue Zi is rather – well, blue. What according to Jeff...

Nothing is forgotten

Ryan Andrews is an American comic book artist from Southern California currently living in Japan. He graduated from high school and started working at a 3d animation company almost right away. His work has been featured in "Drawn!", an illustrating an cartooning blog and he is an Eisner Aw...

Apocalypse then: Brian Wood's "The Massive"

Last time I spent more than 5 hours on a ship I got seasick. A bunch of crazy English girls were celebrating their all night-hen-party while a force 9 wind was rocking the boat. I have never again set foot on such a vessel since and THIS is the only perspective from which I can still bear...

Brian Wood

Brian Wood (born January 29, 1972) is a writer, illustrator and graphic designer from Brooklyn, New York. He was born in Essex Junction, Vermont and moved to New York City in 1991 where he graduated from Parsons School of Design in 1997 with a Bachelor's Degree in illustration. Created as...

Baseball – The horrors of being a minor league player

Mark Andrew Smith studied film at UC Santa Barbara. The Eisner & Harvey Award winning comic book author is known for his work on many Image Comic Book series like "Amazing Joy Buzzards" and "Kill All Parents" and is the editor and creator of the "Popgun Comics Anthology". His book "Sulliva...

"Shield your brain!" – Mind MGMT

"Akira meets Heart of Darkness." Matt Kindt has finally released his new comic book series "MIND MGMT" at Dark Horse! Meru, a young journalist stumbles upon the incredible secrets of a Mind Management Program of psychic spies while she investigates "The Bear" – which turns out to be "a Sov...

The Antler Boy and other Stories

Jake Parker is an American based artist living in Utah. He works in the film industry and has collaborated on a number of animated pictures, one being "Ice Age". As a comic artist he has started a personal project last year. A collection of his short comic stories all published during the...

What the hell are you talking about? Comic Talk!

GENIUS! At first you can't believe it, but really, it's true: "Our Valued Customers" by Tim Chamberlain is a documentation that is as strange as it is fascinating and hilarious. Anyone who has ever worked in a comic shop – or went in to buy stuff – will no doubt confirm the truth of this m...

Really worth it: "Slave Labour Graphics"

California based SLG Publishing – or Slave Labour Graphics – was founded in 1986 by Dan Vado while he was looking for a way to publish his own works. Their creator owned comics are mostly known for their funny-weird, dark, and sometimes quirky topics and if you have ever read "Johnny The H...

Matt Kindt

Matt Kindt (born 1973, St. Louis, Missouri) is a most outstanding American independent comic book artist and illustrator. He started working on comics at an early age and self-published his own copyshop zines starting 1990. His first graphic novel "Pistolwhip" got published by Top Shelf Pr...

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