Colonial style murders: LOUISIANA - a mystery game

Which fan of crime and mystery comic books wouldn't want to take on the role of an undercover FBI agent once in a while? And if you are one of them: good for you! A series of brutally staged and bizarre murders in the South's most mysterious city – New Orleans – are about to raise a lot of...

Great American Crime-Comics

In the early years of the comic book the crime genre proved to be a popular source of inspiration. Characters first featured in the crime pulps of the 30s found their way into comics. In 1931 Chester Gould invented "Dick Tracy" for the first time depicting criminal characters and police wo...

The advantages of an even mind: Sherlock Holmes

The 19th century has brought about many of today's heroes – yet few of them are as famous as him: Sherlock Holmes. The eccentric and his sidekick Dr. Watson are part of our collective consciousness. Why? Well, if you have read the Complete Sherlock Holmes Collection you will see it clearly...

Pulp Fiction – Crime Pays

They are among the most influential forms of publication of the 20th century and smell of nostalgia and old paper: pulp magazines. On their colourful covers, heroes are fighting monsters, cowboys are getting ready to duel and sweet yet lightly dressed ladies are waiting to be rescued, whil...

Dial "M" for mafia – and murderous comic books

German Publishers Schreiber & Leser have dedicated themselves to a rather fascinating issue: the mafia. They are already known for their fondness of crime noir and sometimes rather weird crime fighters like Sokal's Canardo – an investigating duck-fatale, who is hugely controlled by his des...

Fighting crime in Germany: Wilsberg

A real crime addict will find nothing more relaxing than spending a rainy day on the sofa, equipped with coffee, cake and the crime novel of his choice, gladly entering the world of Inspector Barbarotti, Miss Marple or Sherlock Holmes, depending on the taste. The rest of the world – be dam...

DIY – Colour your own Graphic Novel

DIY colouring books - every kid used to have one of these and it is kind of impossible to think they might be overseen by the comic book industry. Manga fans all over the world showed us how it works: a real fan doesn't just read manga – a real fan is manga. Cosplaying and drawing and col...

Heat Wave – A Novel by Richard Castle

How does this work: Having a fictional character write crime bestsellers "for real"? Hyperion showed us: In 2009 Rick Castle's first Nikki Heat novel "Heat Wave" appeared as a means of promotion for the ongoing ABC-television series "Castle".Nathan Fillion ("Caleb"/Buffy Season 7 and "Capt...

Mind the Gap

Image Comics has announced a newcomer. Eisner Award-winning author Jim McCann's new series "Mind the Gap" is bound to arrive in comic book stores on May 2, 2012 featuring artwork by Rodin Esquejo and colours by Sonia Oback. Elle Peterssen, a young, wealthy, and beautiful woman becomes the...

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