Review: „Un printemps à Tchernobyl“ by Emmanuel Lepage

April 26, 1986 was meant to be another normal Saturday - for most people in the world. Except for Chernobyl. After an experiment at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant near Prypiat, Ukraine, a severe steam explosion caused a meltdown and the release of radioactive material. Soon things got...

Radioactivity sucks!

March 11, 2011 is a day that made history. The Tohoku earthquake triggered a seismic sea wave near Ishinomaki on the north western coast of Japan. The tsunami was so high, it caused failure in four sections of the atomic power plant in Fukushima. Due to several explosions a great amount of...

David Lynch – A documentary

Few directors have produced movies more compelling, controversial, or confounding than David Lynch (* 1946). From his earliest film shorts such as "The Grandmother" or the surrealistic picture "Eraserhead" to his latest film "Inland Empire" David Lynch has perfected his use of a powerful...

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