Simplicissimus - Eduard Thöny Exhibition at Museum Wilhelm Busch

For many years, German cartoonist Eduard Thöny (1866-1950) shaped the satirical weekly "Simplicissimus" through his expressive art. In February 2016 he would have turned 150, and Hannover's  Museum Wilhelm Busch currently has a number of pieces of his 1900s oevre on display in a special ex...

Atak - White Trash Carnival and a Blaze of Colour

Visitors were greeted by a blast of colour on entering ATAK's White Trash Carnival exhibition at Erlangen's city center "Shop Gallery" in June 2014. Born in Frankfurt/Oder in 1967, Georg Barber - aka ATAK - is a master of complementary colour, and on entering the salon, it became hard, no...

Going West - Once Upon a Time in the Comics

Conqureing America's Wild West has always been a symbol for an aspiring society, where fortune favours the brave – and the strong ones rule. In this world danger lurks around every corner and needs to be averted at all costs – a concept that seems to fuel America, "till the day". European...

Swiss Impressions According to Plonk & Replonk

Publishers Hubert (1963) and Jacques Froidevaux (1960) are probably better known as Plonk & Replonk... least in their home country Switzerlad as well as in neighbouring France. The two brothers and artists living in La Chaux-de-Fonds have been working on „cartoons“ f...

150 Years of Mischief: Max and Moritz

Starting in mid-February, German Museum for Caricature and Draughtsmanship Hannover has set out to present a new perspective on one of the most popular German artists and writers of all time, with their exhibition „Deutschsprachige Comics von Wilhelm Busch bis heute“ (German Co...

Less is More: Adventures of the Ligne claire

Hergés famous adventure series „Tintin“ clearly resides among the milestones of comic book history. Together, the Belgian and his charming detective team represent exceptional storytelling abilities and a perfectly reduced artistic style. „The Adventures of the Ligne claire. The Case of...

Mr. Dada: Kurt Schwitters' Merzbau and the Art of Lang-Katagö

Kurt Schwitters’ Merzbau and his famous Ursonate have turned the artist into one of the main protagonists of modern European Art and an influential figure of Avantgarde. Starting in June, Sprengel Museum Hannover in a collaboration with Tate Britain and Kurt und Ernst Schwitters Stiftung h...

Master of reduced detail: Jules Stauber

His meticulousness bordered on the scientific. Swiss cartoonist Jules Stauber (1920–2008) has portayed the primary aspects of mankind ever and ever so often: answers to questions on philosophy, society, labour and relationships – put in a nutshell and expressed through his reduced yet pow...

11 Years, 11 Days, 11 Seconds ... Comics & Graphic Novels by avant-verlag

Artists like Simon Schwartz, Ulli Lust, Ulrich Scheel, Felix Pestemer, Marijpol, Birgit Weyhe and many more have given Berlin based avant-verlag its distinctive image. This new generation of comic book authors engulf themselves with political issues as well as personal stories, and thus ha...

We have a mission: Strapazin Exhibition "Comics Deluxe!"

Starting out in 1984, people at Zürich based comic magazine Strapazin have made it their mission to feature comic artists who don’t go along mainstream tastes. Vanguard imagery, topics, artists and storytellers frequently have found a home there and when debating European comic art and cul...

Really poetic: comic books by Ulf K.

The best stories are the ones you find in yourself. Maybe that's why Ulf K.'s characters all have a slightly autobiographic touch? Like his "alter ego" from his latest book "Dolomiti Years" and many more of his little melancholy yet curiously funny comic heroes. But wait! There are some da...

Exhibition: "The Holocaust in Comic Books" – Berlin

It's a fact that comic books are not always funny - even if a lot of people still seem to think so. Art Spiegelman was the one who settled this question for us, starting in the early 1980s. By telling his father's personal story of how he survived the Holocaust and Hitler's concentration c...

Pioneer of Animated Film

An exhibition at the Wilhelm Busch Museum (German Museum for cartoons and drawn art), Hannover showed 180 pieces of American cartoonist Winsor Winsor McCay's work from March 11 to June 3, 2012, including his drawings, historic film material and late political cartoons. This animated movie...

GDR Comic History: ‚Mosaik’

The German comic book "Mosaik" was first published in December 1955. It is the longest-running European monthly comic book and the only one originating in Eastern Germany that is still in production. Mosaik also appeared in other countries and other languages such as an English edition whi...

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