The Wolf Among Us - Another Comic Book Classic Turns Role-Play

Developers of the video game hit The Walking Dead have come up with yet another fascinating new role playing comic book game adaption, standing out by its exceptional artwork: The Wolf Among Us has been released Oktober 11, 2013 by Telltale Games. It is based on Bill Willingham’s hi...

HALO in Comic Books – The Origins of Sarah Palmer and Spartan IV

Dark Horse launched their new series HALO: Initiation in August, mostly to delve into the origins of Sarah Palmer, who underwent a drastic transformation from Orbital Drop Shock Trooper to Super Soldier in order to save humanity in the service of Spartan-IV. With this new series Dark Ho...

Game Review: The Walking Dead Board Game

Early this year we received an offer to add The Walking Dead Board Game by Z-Man Games and Skybound to our Webshop. A non digital board game in the days of online games and mobile demon slayage – how’s this going to work out? However – as true fans of the Walking Dead comic boo...

Count Darcula and the Shadow of the Dragon

When Irish author Bram Stoker invented his mysterious Transsylvanian Count Dracula, he, like his creation, became immortal. Of course this was exactly his intention, and thus his name has almost become part of our collective memory. Countless adaptions of the Count – be it in the movies,...

To Hell With Lovelieness And Cute Girls: American McGee's Grimm

Interactive fairy tales with a mud factor: What happens when a most powerful dwarf becomes disgusted with all the “happy endings"? You can find out about that in American McGee's computer game Grimm. Bloodless romance, blind obedience, insipid weddings, unearned wealth, unmerited praise,...

Demons vs. Japanese Little Red Riding Hood: Akaneiro: Demon Hunters

Games designer American McGee (* 13 December 1972, Dallas, Texas) is a veteran of games and film business. His passion for fairy tales is rather obvious: „American McGee’s Alice“ (2000), „Alice: Madness Returns“ (2011) or his „American McGee’s Grimm“ aren’t just proof of his fondness for h...

The road to hell: Penumbra Motel

Endless highways through landscape after landscape, a gas station or motel every once in a while, and just one thing to look forward to: the horizon. That's called freedom. At least when you're cruising the States in a big car. Hitchcock, among others, knew that this could get ugly and eas...

When dead matter matters: Royal Detevtive – Lord of the Statues

True-to-life statues are always creepy. And they have inspired artists throughout the ages - starting with Michelangelo, Peter Greenaway or Madame Toussaud's. In Greenaway's "The Draughtsman's Contract" you can see these deceitfully real looking works of art come to life and astragon's la...

Play on your own turf: DC Universe Online

If you live for being a super hero or mega villain in DC's universe, January 29, 2013 will be your next super day. Because then extension no. 6, Home Turf, will be released for DC Universe™ Online. The MMO is a cooperation of DC, Warner Brothers Games and Sony Online Entertainment. MMO-Gam...

Western, Dinos, Science Fiction? Dino Storm

Dinos are getting hip – again. Robert Kirman (The Walking Dead) and artist Jason Howard (The Astounding Wolf-Man) aren't the only ones to credit this fact with their latest kid's comic book series "Super Dinosaur". In December 2012 the release of Dino Storm, a brandnew 3D multi player br...

Superpowered blondes save the world! Demon Slayer

A devastating war of the Gods has brought on the end of the creating deity. Civilization is on the edge of a precipice while demons and other forces of darkness are rising to plunge the world into eternal night. For centuries the Empire of the human race, Araman, has been fighting acrimoni...

Viking Way of Life: Cultures Online

Life as a Viking is hard. In the unfriendly northern territories of Iceland evil enemies, bad weather and icy winters are the are among the most frequent dangers to come up against in the fight for survival. Gamigo's strategy game Cultures Online wants you to become a great Viking hero and...

Fantasy Action: Continent of the Ninth Seal

The fantasy game Continent of the Ninth Seal is an action based role playing beat-em up released December 2012 on The game developed by Korean based studio Webzen is free-to-play and features the fantasy world of Tampera where players beat back the forces of evil represented b...

Remake of a Classic: Choplifter

Zombies coming in - two o' clock!!! Rondomedia's Choplifter HD Limited Edition has landed on home PCs all over and comes along as a brand new remake of the famous 80s amusement hall classic. As a pilot on a rescue mission you will perform numerous neckbreaking turns and landing manoeuveres...

Into the Battle: AGE OF WULIN

Fans of martial arts will love Age of Wulin by Snail Games. The epic MMORPG is set in ancient China and combines fascination for Asian fighting skills with various mythological stories of the Wuxia universe. You can join in one of eight different schools each of which represent varying mar...

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