Exclusive Interview: Ken Lamug On Haunted Houses And The Value of Scary Fairy Tales

Las Vegas-based author and illustrator Kenneth Lamug has published a new childrens book, The Stumps of Flattop Hill. In this dark yet amusing tale following the tradition of the Brother’s Grimm", Ken tells the story of Florence, a little girl who enters a haunted house - both frightened an...

Famous Monsters of Filmland - A New Topseller For The Average 1950s Kid

A magazine just for monsters? Nowadays this hardly comes as a surprise. Yet, in the late 1950s, James Warren's Famous Monsters of Filmland hit the US newsstands like a bomb. Join us looking back at the origins of a cult genre magazine and the golden age of early horror film. To create and...

In Times of Trouble - Read Some Horror: Sixties Magazines by Warren Publishing

Few publishers influenced the 1960s horror comics genre quite like James Warren. For almost 25 years, he published all things horror, fantasy, and scifi - smartly utilising the magazine format to avoid censorship imposed on US comic books by the Comics Code Autority. Even today Creepy, Vam...

Once Upon a Time – GRIM(M) Tales

NBC’s mystery TV series „GRIMM“ has been on air since 2011 and despite mixed reviews turned out the station's „top#1 new drama“. Cyberpunkt novelist John Shirley has taken on the job to create a novel based on the series. His first issue „The Icy Touch“ will be released by Titan B...

Plants vs Zombies Funko Vinyl Figures

Zombies are without a doubt on their way to world domination. A whole bunch of literature is already available to give qualified advice as to what weapon is most suitable to avert impending zombiefication. (Walking Dead Fans might know the answer already). This is only another step: FUNKO'...

John Warren's Backdoor Into The Little Shop of Horrors

In the late 1960s the US comic book industry was confronted with a huge dilemma: All comic books sold at public newsstands had to undergo censorship and needed the approval of the Comic's Code on their cover. During these times, magazines represented the big exception from the rule - and b...

Creepy Kitty meets the Red Death – Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar Allan Poe's work is considered a most important part of American literature. Born as "Edgar Poe" on January 19, 1809 he is best known for his tales of mystery and the macabre and generally considered "the inventor of the short story". Quite a few ladies were said to have fainted afte...

DIY – Colour your own Graphic Novel

DIY colouring books - every kid used to have one of these and it is kind of impossible to think they might be overseen by the comic book industry. Manga fans all over the world showed us how it works: a real fan doesn't just read manga – a real fan is manga. Cosplaying and drawing and col...

Creating a new literary genre: Mary Shelley

Today, she is known as the world's first science fiction author: Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley started writing her first novel "Frankenstein" at age 18. When the book was first published - anonymously - in 1818, she was 21. The first actual publication to bear her name came out in France fi...

Baseball – The horrors of being a minor league player

Mark Andrew Smith studied film at UC Santa Barbara. The Eisner & Harvey Award winning comic book author is known for his work on many Image Comic Book series like "Amazing Joy Buzzards" and "Kill All Parents" and is the editor and creator of the "Popgun Comics Anthology". His book "Sulliva...

Halloween – Night of the evil spirits

Halloween is a tradition largely believed to be of American origin. Well, brace yourselves: this isn’t true. Halloween is derived from the 16th century Scottish term "All Hallows’ Eve" – meaning October 31 – the evening before All Saints Day. It was celebrated in most parts of Great Britai...

Bernie Wrightson's Frankenstein – "It's Alive!"

Some classics never die and "Frankenstein's Monster" is one of them. And could anyone imagine a comic book artist better suited to take on Mary Shelly's creation than Bernie Wrightson? Nope. Bernard Albert "Berni(e)" Wrightson was born October 27, 1948 in Dundalk, Maryland and today he is...

For cryin' out loud! 50 years of Mars Attacks!

When Topps (under the name Bubbles Inc.) startet to release a series of trading cards in 1962 featuring artwork by science-fiction artist Wallace Wood and Norman Saunders – who painted the cards –, the story of the invasion of Earth by cruel, hideous Martians shocked and fascinated at the...

Charles Burns

Charles Burns is one of our favourite US comic book artists, born September 27, 1955 in Washington D.C. He attended the Fine Art Class of University of Washington until 1977 and afterwards studied fine arts and sculpture at Graduate School in Davis, California until 1979. When he met Art S...

Zombies on their way to world domination

What about this sudden frenzy about a rare and almost extinct fringe group? Comic fans are going crazy, lining up for the latese issue of "Walking Dead", devouring AMC's TV series (sorry for being so graphic). Quite a number of i-phone apps help fans to create their own personal zombie eit...

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