Mecca for Fans of Japanese Culture: Preview on AnimagiC 2014

By early August, Beethovenhalle Bonn will become a mecca for dedicated fans of Japanese culture, once again. AnimagiC 2014 opens its gates for the 16th time, expecting 15,000 visitors from all over Germany and Europe. Like in the previous years, the convention features animes, mangas, game...

Review: Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin)

Shingeki no Kyojin – Attack on Titan started screening in Japan this April and if you are looking for a really fascinating anime shonen newcomer, you might well discover it here – or at least be in for a big surprise. Hajime Isayama developed his first episode of the manga Att...

AnimagiC Bonn Open Now

Gute Stimmung herrschte trotz schwüler Luft und die zahlreichen und sehr "bunten" Besucher nahmen am ersten Tag der AnimagiC 2013 die Länge der Schlange vor dem Eingang der Beethovenhalle extrem gelassen hin. Während viele noch dort standen und auf Einlass warteten, ging es im „Studio...

Animagic 2013 – 15 Years of Manga Festival

This weekend AnimagiC Bonn will open it's doors for the fifteenth time and invite manga fans to delve into the vast world of anime, manga, and games. A number of Japanese guests of honour are about to show up next to German manga-kas. The Animotion Filmfestival will offer screeenings almos...

Blood Lad – Japanese Good-For-Nothing-Vampire by Yuuki Kodama

Blood Charles Staz - aka Blood Lad, rules the Eastern Demon Territory – and as far as vampires go he's not the typical kind. Rather than sucking human blood, he prefers his Nintendo as well as some other inventions of human culture. He is absolutely crazy about anime and manga so when h...

Manga Jutsu Power and Crazy Ninja Moves: Naruto Shippuden

Young Ninja Naruto Uzumaki has a dream: he wants to become Hokage – the most powerful Ninja of his village. Starting August 1997 Kishimoto published a one shot in Akamaru Jump and layed the ground stone for his highly popular manga series. In Japan Naruto Shippuden has been published since...

A matter of life and death: Death Note

Some bored mischievous "Shinigami" God of Death named Ryuk drops a "Death Note" to Earth and here the trouble begins. High school student Light Yagami discovers the supernatural notebook. Light doesn't know it yet, but the Death Note grants its user the ability to kill anyone - provided yo...

Takeshi Obata

Japanese manga artist Takeshi Obata (born February 11, 1969) is probably best know for his character designs of the video game "Castlevania Judgment" and his work on "Death Note" and "Blue Dragon Ral Grad". He first got noticed by the manga community in 1985, when he was awarded the Tezuka...

Tsukioka Yoshitoshi - Last master of ukiyo-e

Tsukioka Yoshitoshi (1839–1892) is widely recognized as the last and greatest master of ukiyo-e-style and Japanese woodblock printing. His work depicts the last years of feudal Japan and the beginning of modern times in Japan following the Meiji Restoration. Despite the fact that many Japa...

Wilhelm Busch meets Manga: Japanese Graphic Art & Storytelling

Everybody knows the word but few know what's behind it: "Manga". Looking at the legendary woodblock printings dating back to the the Edo period of Feudal Japan may offer an new perspective. Tsukioka Yoshitoshi (1839–1892) is known to be the last and greatest master of ukiyo-e style and Jap...

Japanese manga cyberpunk by Tsutomu Nihei

Publishers Weekly in its issue in June 2006 called Tsutomu Nihei the "William Gibson of manga cyberpunk". Born in 1971 the artist gained popularity in the US mainly through his work on Marvel's character "Wolverine" (Wolverine: Snikt! Tsutomu Nihei, Joe Quesada and others, 2003). Having st...

Blue Dragon – Of Seconds and Thirds

Blue Dragon: Ral Grad is a mangaka printed in "Weekly Shonen Jump" from December 2006 to July 2007. It followed the 2006 role playing video and computer game "Blue Dragon" which in Japan became a top seller almost overnight. Viz Media released the series in USA in 2008 calling it "Ral Grad...

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