Western, Dinos, Science Fiction? Dino Storm

Dinos are getting hip – again. Robert Kirman (The Walking Dead) and artist Jason Howard (The Astounding Wolf-Man) aren't the only ones to credit this fact with their latest kid's comic book series "Super Dinosaur". In December 2012 the release of Dino Storm, a brandnew 3D multi player br...

Moebius – Flight of a warrior

French artist Jean Giraud – better known as "Moebius" – was born May 8, 1938. He created his first comic books for Far-West in the mid-1950s. His breakthrough was initiated by the comic book wester series "Blueberry" which made him famous while he was still publishing under his real namen....

Creating a new literary genre: Mary Shelley

Today, she is known as the world's first science fiction author: Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley started writing her first novel "Frankenstein" at age 18. When the book was first published - anonymously - in 1818, she was 21. The first actual publication to bear her name came out in France fi...

"Why do you want to be the same?" – Let's go be heroes

Heroes was our newcomer of 2006. Tim Kring’s science fiction TV series ran over 4 seasons up to 2010 on NBC and made it into our DVD collection right away. Normal people find out about their exceptional abilities – that’s what it is about basically. But the series picks up on so much more...

For cryin' out loud! 50 years of Mars Attacks!

When Topps (under the name Bubbles Inc.) startet to release a series of trading cards in 1962 featuring artwork by science-fiction artist Wallace Wood and Norman Saunders – who painted the cards –, the story of the invasion of Earth by cruel, hideous Martians shocked and fascinated at the...

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