Welcome to the 21st Century, Sherlock

He is very modern -- and certainly very British. "Sherlock". Writers Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss conceived a brand new concept for a Sherlock Holmes TV series while travelling to and from their "Doctor Who" production base in Cardiff. BBC has launched the television crime drama in 2010,...

New Sherlock Holmes Adventures

It's been 18 years since Germany based BLITZ-Verlag set out on a special project. To bring German phantastic literature to a larger audience. Classics like Larry Brent or Macabros have been reprinted ever since and after a break of 35 Years "Die Schwarze Fledermaus" (The Black Bat) has bee...

I have my methods, Watson: "Crimes and Punishments"

Since early 2000, the Sherlock Holmes series of six video games for PC captivated millions of players around the world. In 2012, the famous detective’s latest investigation -- "The Testament of Sherlock Holmes" -- abandoned its traditional point & click gameplay and, in a revolution for t...

The advantages of an even mind: Sherlock Holmes

The 19th century has brought about many of today's heroes – yet few of them are as famous as him: Sherlock Holmes. The eccentric and his sidekick Dr. Watson are part of our collective consciousness. Why? Well, if you have read the Complete Sherlock Holmes Collection you will see it clearly...

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