The Ant-Man: Check out the Cast of Marvel's Latest Blockbuster

The Guardians' great box office success shows that even Marvel's b-heroes have the potential to capture an audience. All of a sudden the whole world is talking about Rocket, Groot & Co. The Ant-Man is another of Marvel's characters to hit the screen this summer. And even thought he has...

Spot on: Marvel’s Thanos

Marvels giant Titan Thanos is very powerful. He is also – on occasions – quite dead. Which in the case of a comic book universe is of no real importance. He already had several comebacks - so why not get anothe one in Avengers 2. Thanos is also known to be quite well connected: He has...

Spot on: Marvel’s Quicksilver & Scarlet Witch

Marvel's hero Quicksilver aka Pietro Django Maximoff is A: famous for his gey-hair and B: his special power, which is running. Running real fast. As in „into the future“. The mutant speedster is son of Magneto and, like his sister Scarlet Witch, originally a member of The Brotherhood of Ev...

Future Bliss Ahead: The Avengers 2 – Another Joss Whedon Movie

After having saved Manhattan, Hulk, Iron Man and Co have gone their separate ways until their time will come to reassemble in The Avengers 2 in 2015. Thor has returned Loki and the Tesseract to Asgard where the goodlooking God of Mischief is about to stand trial to Odin. Joss Whedon’s 201...

Play on your own turf: DC Universe Online

If you live for being a super hero or mega villain in DC's universe, January 29, 2013 will be your next super day. Because then extension no. 6, Home Turf, will be released for DC Universe™ Online. The MMO is a cooperation of DC, Warner Brothers Games and Sony Online Entertainment. MMO-Gam...

Worth millions: Batman 1st appearance

"1939 Batman comic sells for more than $1M – Sale sets new world record for amount of money paid for a comic book". Incredible comic book related headlines like these have a vast impact. All the big newspapers like The Observer and The New York Times print them on their front page and even...

Dark, Dark, Dark amid the blaze of noon: The Dark Knight Rises

Christopher Nolan (born July 30, 1970) has come up in the world of showbiz as director, producer and screenwriter. His thriller "Memento" (2000) was noticed by critics and audiences all over the world, so it happened that after "Insomnia" (2002) Nolan saw the "bat signal": Warner Brothers...

Creating the Bat-Man: Bob Kane

Robert Kahn was born in New York City October 24, 1915. After he graduated from DeWitt Clinton High School at age 18 he legally changed his name – which hinted at his Eastern European Jewish descent – to "Bob Kane" and went on to study art at Cooper Union. His first job in 1934 was with th...

Of girl wonders and psychopaths: Frank Miller's "Dark Knight"

When Frank Miller initiated the return of one of the great superheroes of the US comic book industry in 1986, he caused a landslide. "The Dark Knight Returns" was going to be the first comic book ever to be noticed by mainstream media, at the same time completely raising the standards for...

50 years of Spiderman – The world's most famous pop culture icon

Everyone – really almost every human being – knows Spiderman. The pop culture icon in the blue and red costume is famous throughout the world since Sam Raimi’s Film in 2002. Almost exactly 50 years ago, in June 1962, "Amazing Fantasy" #15 hit stores and changed the world of superheroes for...

Avengers – A fanboy's dream comes true

Marvel's "Avengers" hit cinemas May 4, 2012. The three hour raw cut of the film had been reduced to about 2 hrs, 15 min which makes it a worthy lenght to introduce the team of superheroes in an outstandingly cool storyline. Among others we will see Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man and Samuel...

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