Mix Japanese Folklore And 80s Horror And This Is What You Get: Two Face Todd - Designer Toy From Tokyo

When it comes to designer toys, Japanese rock. As proven by this new and exciting "up-and-coming" toy designer from Tokyo: Masa-shi. Masa-shi founded his designer toy label Bad Attic in summer 2015. As a Japanese toy designer and illustrator he is heavily inspired by 80s and 90s gross-out...

So, Bicycle Girl - what's your story?

Believe it or not. One of AMC's The Walking Dead zombie characters already has had its first "spinoff" - kind of. You who have read the comic book's first issue all have met her: A dead, half-eaten zombie girl right there on page 16! The Bicycle Girl, a.k.a. Hannah is one of the first zomb...

Plants vs Zombies Funko Vinyl Figures

Zombies are without a doubt on their way to world domination. A whole bunch of literature is already available to give qualified advice as to what weapon is most suitable to avert impending zombiefication. (Walking Dead Fans might know the answer already). This is only another step: FUNKO'...

I'm Superman, he's Batman. DC SUPER HEROES X LEGO

LEGO is – without a doubt – the coolest producer of toys ever. Check. A while ago I visited an old friend and spent almost one hour with her 6 year old debating the Star Wars Universe. In the form of his rather impressionable LEGO collection. For years and years I have checked on the lates...

Hey! I'm the plush Avenger!

Funko created these 3.75" avenger plushies, just in time for the 2012 "Avengers" movie : Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Hulk and Nick Fury made for plush enthusiasts who love to give their favourite superhero a super hug once in a while. Also a great way to give your kids the right ideas...

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