In Times of Trouble - Read Some Horror: Sixties Magazines by Warren Publishing

Few publishers influenced the 1960s horror comics genre quite like James Warren. For almost 25 years, he published all things horror, fantasy, and scifi - smartly utilising the magazine format to avoid censorship imposed on US comic books by the Comics Code Autority. Even today Creepy, Vam...

Let's make a difference

Vampire vs. Nosferatu. What’s the diff? Well, Vampires are trendy and sexy in a dark annoying kind of way. They sometimes have great taste in music as well as a few other glamorous qualities. Francis Ford Coppola may have been the first to establish a certain mondane citizen-of-the-world-a...

A classic of film history

Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau’s 1922 film "Nosferatu – A Symphony of Horror" spreaded the name of "Nosferatu" throughout the world. Inspired by Bram Stoker’s "Dracula" he used actor Max Schreck to create the image of a creature that will stick to our brains come eternity. Even Klaus Kinski – th...

Nosferatu – Bringer of Evil

He has always been a twitch more terrifying than Dracula - and he always had the scarier teeth. In 1922 Nosferatu inspired Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau to produce a silent movie that made film history, and until today hasn’t lost its eerie touch. The legendary creature Nosferatu is by no mean...

Buffy Season 9

Joss Whedon is taking Buffy back to basics. In a magic free world the Buffy universe pretty much becomes space-craft-steering-bug and witchcraft free. I'm relieved, though some of her friends don't really appreciate the sudden normal life Buffy has imposed on them with her latest lonesome...

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